From Alchemist to Musician

New artist from London entering the world of music.  Join me on my journey!

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My artist persona was created in Japan as I was inspired by the eccentric and mesmerising musical scene.

I was inspired to develop a plan to embark on my own musical journey and looked towards my self and my heritage. The name coming from the word ‘Aks’ meaning image/reflection. And ‘heart’ being symbolic of emotions and understanding.

A huge fan of 90’s Rnb and old-school UK dance music. Artist like Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, Craig David, Architechs, Aaliyah and Dawn Richard.

I studied a PhD in Chemistry and spent a number years in science. This burst of creativity has been a long time coming! I did a podcast series called ‘Try Speaking Your Mind’ and currently do a IGTV series called ‘Becoming the Artist’.


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I feel as an artist I am fusion of sounds, and I hope this is reflected in this debut single. I was greatly inspired by the UK garage sound but loved to add small elements of pop/country and RnB. The pandemic played a big part in my mental wellbeing, and this track was written as an outlet from the stress of life.

It’s an angsty track embodying how a lot of people are feeling during this lockdown. So, I hope I can bring the party and old school vibes right to your room! The track was developed from experiencing being bound/controlled by society and how we can be lied to and misled. However the hook reveals the expression of freedom and breaking from our chains as our ‘frequencies are changing’. It was at a time where my mental wellbeing, like for many, was being tested. I was made redundant at the start of the pandemic and for someone who loved the outdoors and exploring London as a photographer – it hit me hard. But I found an outlet to express how I was feeling and has been an experience that I will value for the rest of my life.

I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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