Blk -FWM

Pure RnB girl band feels like a thing of the 90s but with the rise of groups like June’s Diary, Chloe X Halle and Lovher there is a real renaissance of this vibe. Blk brings this vibe and so much more.

Introducing Blk which includes Korahjay, Bexk and Lilac X. The trio promise a genre blend of sounds and are working to change the narrative around the women altogether. Reducing the idea of women having a “template”. In 2021, the idea of what a woman is, who she should be and what she represents is up to her.

The girls single ‘FWM’ showcases their beautiful voices and their harmonies are stunning. The track has a mix of a hard-hitting message and a beat that is paced in a way that feels fast and slow at the same time. Each of the girls add their own flavour reminiscent of previous girl groups but with this single, there is a softer vocal delivery.

With this being their second single, they are entering the industry hard! And on a personal level this single showcases alot more than their previous track ‘Got it’.

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