The debut single :)

So here we are! Finally, I’ve got my first song out there.

There are moments in your life that you just standstill, just stop and stare. And as I get older (30 is coming real quick), I have realised the power of my words, my intentions and what I believe in. The concepts of manifestation are all around us and where we fear its existence as a separation from faith, we miss the mark. Manifestation is about believing, existing in the present moment and claiming what’s rightfully yours. Not an abandonment of the faith. In fact, it’s a confirmation of it.

I bring this up, only to say that I manifested this dream. I manifested this moment and I am very grateful. It’s not a huge deal to a lot of people, but coming from the world of science and having experienced people doubt and suppress my creativity, this is a great triumph.

My debut single is about disclaiming the thought we have that hold us back. Saying no more to fear. No more self-doubt and sabotage. No more lies and disrespect.

We are in a world where we will are constantly up against it but also there is a global change in thought. We see and hear it. We are going through it ourselves. Let’s embrace positivity and light.

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