Family Junket: Dream II

Now here’s one that’s a little different and I must admit I’m HOOKED. Family Junket released ‘Dream II’ earlier in the year and we haven’t been able to stop listening to it. .

Calming ethereal vocals over a collection of instruments that transport you to this nostalgic and almost spiritual experience. It almost reminds me of an interlude you’d find on a Frank Ocean album but rather you’d like to hear a whole album full of this laid-back sound

‘Dream II’ is a perfect title as the blend of sounds is so pristine, a complete dream. As the vocals come in, you get so lost in the sound that it feels like an additional instrument to the soundtrack.

Family Junket consists of Chicago producer Max Lazarus and Portland-based vocalist and songwriter Laura Philips. With two singles under their belt, and an EP on the way, I CANNOT wait to hear more music from this duo.

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