H.E.R ft Chris Brown – Come Through

Every time I hear H.E.R, I’m yelling ‘Come Through’. So it’s no surprise that her latest release with Chris Brown has us yelling COME THROUGH.

Smooth car-ride RnB should be a genre! H.E.R is one of those vocalists that doesn’t need elongated, big notes and theatrics. As a musician, she thrives in her subtle vocal technique being her ‘Trump’ card (need a new phrase for that). Besides her genius, she’s only 23 years old! Already winning 4 Grammys with only having two full projects out? H.E.R COME THROUGH!

With this latest release, she teams up with RnB icon and controversial ( have we forgiven him yet? ) legend Chris Brown. The song is a love story, and wanting someone on your side, at the moment.

What is surprising is that this release feels like Chris Brown demoed track. And by that I mean, it feels like a track that could have come from the Fortune era – very reminiscent of his many collaborations with singer Sevyn. The harmonies between the two are stunning, and as artists, they provide space for each other to shine in the alternating verses.

Interestingly, H.E.R seems to be expanding her range as an artist. We know she’s an amazing musician, but we are starting to see her jump onto a different lane. A sultrier RnB sound, and if the cover is anything to go by, she’s coming into 2021 strong!

It’s always exciting to witness a new era for artists who create a solid foundation and start into the industry. If you don’t know H.E.R, get to know H.E.R

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