Jupiter Grey – Stay with Me

Have you ever let someone go but yearn for that one last moment together. It’s so common to fall back in love with specific memories we have in our lives and want to relive them again with someone we’ve departed with. Jupiter Grey produces this feeling sonically in his latest single ‘Stay with me’.

Jupiter Grey is a neo-RnB artist from London influenced by the amazing cultures in Japan. His sounds are very euphoric and have traditional RnB elements with a new wave of his own personality.

‘Stay with me’ is the second single off the upcoming debut album “Fires On The Moon”.

What feels like a dream-like interlude, filled with mesmerising vocals, makes you end up excited to see what Jupiter has in his arsenal. What will the album bring? His first two singles are so versatile, it’s going to be interesting to follow his journey.

When it comes to the 2:00 mark, you end up falling into your own thoughts wanting to hear what happens after this memory is over. The layered vocals are absolutely stunning.

Outside being an artist that is musically talented, Jupiter Grey works hard to create a visual experience for his work. Going through his Instagram, you start to see how important it is to him, to be an all-around entertainer. He doesn’t let up.

As you wait for his debut releases it would also be worth checking out the rest of his discography. Jupiter has worked on some tremendous music all in the space of a few years. And there are some great projects that show the range this artist has.

Make sure you check out Jupiter Grey on Spotify and Instagram.

Stay tuned for his debut album “Fires On The Moon” coming out soon.

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