Keith Jacobs

We’ve been dying to get that old school RnB sound back into the airwaves and when it comes to artists like Keith Jacobs we are getting just that!

Filled with that old school 90s RnB flavour, Keith showcases his unique sound in his latest EP ‘Too Much’. The project is a solid ‘ Hello world, I’m Keith Jacobs’ display of music.

Layered perfectly and is sonically uniform across the entire EP, to really help you understand the music he enjoys and what he brings to the table. It’s quite easy to draw a comparison to artist like Bryson Tiller and Jacquees, but whilst there seems to be a current silence on the music front, Keith fills the void we’ve had in the genre.

The standout is the title track ‘Too Much’. I have the chorus stuck in my head all day. It’s a great up-tempo and modern-sounding project that gives you a throwback to the noughties era of RnB with old school melodies

Having recording videos already for two of the tracks, this artist is keen to bring the heat on the visual front – something that is becoming increasingly important.

So ‘Too Much’ is out now, head over to his Youtube channel, here, to check out some of the visuals by Keith and keep in the loops for his latest videos.

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