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Last month, King Creosote announced his return with his first album in seven years – I DES will be released on November 3rd, and today, Kenny Anderson unveils the second song from the record “It’s Sin That’s Got Its Hold Upon Us”.

“It’s Sin That’s Got Its Hold Upon Us” opens I DES, a string-drawn electronic psalm with celestial fiddle from Hannah Fisher and an earthly drum track that makes way for the wisdom of the late Phil Crowter – a pastor who circulated cassettes of his sermons in London and surrounds in the late 20th / early 21st Century. KC came into a copy via his brother Gordon, aka the Beta Band’s Lone Pigeon.

Anderson talks about the song: “In Autumn 2020 I began building a modular synth, recording patches onto old cassette tapes to make use of the pitch wheel on my tape deck at a later date. As the drum track rumbled to a close, these words from one of Phil Crowter’s sermons burst forth exactly as you hear them, and I had my chorus. The four short verses ought to take on different meanings depending on the listeners’ particular choice of drugs – recreational (whimsical), prescribed (personal), or mandated (diabolical).” 

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